Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Joys of Teaching

First off the bat, I want to say that I am a very, very lucky person. Having been born in an English speaking country I had no idea, until 4 years ago, that it would afford me the opportunity to travel the world, earn money and meet some of the most interesting people that I could imagine with relative ease. I have travelled and taught in several countries including Colombia and Brazil and through the art of Skype and new technology I have worked in many other countries from the relative comfort of my own home.

I am currently staying in Belo Horizonte, a charming city in the south east of Brazil where I am enjoying the good food, the lovely people and the summer climate, although at the moment it seems to be a little rainy: not too dissimilar to England.

I first became a qualified EFL teacher in 2012 after teaching privately for a couple years and have been lucky enough to meet people from all over the globe and all walks of life. I have taught Royalty, doctors, lawyers and even footballers. On the other end of the scale I have taught escorts, Mafia bosses sons and even a girl who escaped almost slave like conditions.

I would highly recommend being a teacher, it's rewarding and fulfilling in ways that many other jobs just aren't.

So this is an English language blog, feel free as either a student or teacher to post any questions on here. I have lesson plans and names of apps and websites that everyone can use and cool articles on idioms and grammar. If you need recommendation for some great schools in the UK (I only suggest ones I've worked for) then please message me. So enjoy learning English!

All it leaves me to say from Belo Horizonte is: Enjoy your lives, guys!

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